for the love of music

I heard one sine from above
Then the signal split in two
The sound created stars like me and you
Before there was love, there was silence
I heard one sine
And it healed my heart, heard a sine

Sine From Above, Lady Gaga

Can I tell you a secret?

I think music may be my first love.

Out of all of my creative pursuits, it’s the one that surprised me the most this year. When everything else failed, when all of my coping mechanisms and all of my other creative outlets couldn’t hold up, music was what worked. It’s what grounded my soul and eased the anxiety. It’s what ultimately made me feel better.

I have always known that music holds a special place in my heart. Out of everything in my life, it’s the one thing that had remained a constant. Whether that was listening to records or writing and playing my own, music has always been there.

These last two year though, I abandoned music. I hadn’t picked up and played my guitar nor have I broadened out and discovered any new music. I let it become stagnant and senile. But this year forced a change.

This year twisted my insides about so much that it made me reach for music. I strummed my guitar, I sang some of my songs, and I danced nonstop to shake all of the anxiety away. When nothing else worked, music soothed my soul.

So here’s to music.

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