a longing for more

I feel like I’m constantly reaching for more.

More of what? I have no idea; just more. Like there’s always something more I could be doing with my time, more to discover, more people to inspire and be inspired by, more things I could be creating…

Just more.

And the thing is, whenever I do discover more, inspire or am inspired more, and create more, there’s still that longing feeling that I could be doing so much more.

And that’s been my whole life.

I’m constantly reaching out for more and I don’t even know what “more” is.

I suppose it’s a sense of purpose; of knowing exactly the direction you should be heading in and what you should be focusing all of your time and energy into. You know, that intuitive drive that leaves you feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

I imagine knowing your sense of purpose feels liberating. Like you have shed all of the knots and tangles of uncertainty and misdirection and found your path in life and just flew away into your purpose.

I don’t think I’m there yet and I often wonder if I’ll ever find my purpose.

I’m constantly going down so many different roads, taking so many different detours going in so many different directions. I know that the core of my purpose involves creating because just the thought of making something from nothing fills me with so much joy, but what I should be creating and how I should be offering it to the world is what eludes me.

And that just leaves me constantly unsatisfied and always longing for more. xx

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