girl in the art boots

Here’s a photo of a girl in a dress, with wonky knees, wearing tall brown boots with flowers and paintbrushes sticking out of them. It’s not particularly original or insightful or groundbreaking. It’s just a photo of a girl trying to take a pretty self portrait in her “art boots.”

I enjoy taking photos of my feet. Particularly from a bird’s-eye view because it gives off a sense of grounding. It shows me where I am in the world; where I stand. It also makes me think: What grounds me? What is my base? My foundation?

It’s an easy question to answer. It’s creativity. Art. Music. Writing. Documenting my life in a creative way. My very essence is creativity. Without creativity, I wouldn’t even know who I am or what I would be. My creativity is so rooted in my identity that without it I would be lost. Being creative is how I communicate. It’s how I learn and it’s how I grow.

I couldn’t bloom without my art.

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